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About Us and What We Do

Specialist Window Cleaning Services was formed in 1991 providing licensed applications of Clearshield “Easy Clean” non stick glass  on all domestic and commercial glass.   We also provided a professional window cleaning service alongside Clearshield to a large database of clients.

In November 2012, Hugh and Maggie Doggett purchased SWCS and are continuing on the high level of service to our Clearshield and Window Cleaning database of clients.   Hugh’s dedication to perfection and customer satisfaction has earned him very positive feedback from a large number of our clients.


High quality window cleaning services inside and out to our customers using top quality products.

Clearshield “Easy Clean” glass applications for a wide range of glass including:

  • Domestic & Commercial showers
  • Residential & Commercial windows and bi-folds
  • Glass conservatories
  • Glass Balustrades
  • Glass Pool Fences
  • Car windscreens and windows
  • Marine windscreens and glass

(SWCS has 25 years of experience behind it)


(Works like Teflon on a frypan – non stick technology)

Clearshield’s Glass Protect treatment provides surface protection for all types of glass from the damage caused by weathering, contamination, limescale and body fat buildups.  Applied as a liquid, Clearshield chemically reacts with the glass and becomes an integral part of the surface by forming a strong and highly durable non-stick surface.  Once treated, the glass becomes ClearShield Low-Ma (Low Maintenance) glass which is water resistant and very easy to clean.  Just a warm rinse down after showers and a quick towel  dry is all you need.   No more weekly cleaning!!   SWCS applies Clearshield manually onsite but this can also be applied in the factory using manual or fully automatic spraying equipment.