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How do you want your glass to look?

“CLEARSHIELD” a non stick coating based on a special polymer.

This unique product is applied to the glass and works just like ‘non-stick’ cookware, acting as a protective barrier on the surface of the glass.  ClearShield glass protection provides a surface that:

  • Resists staining from hard water deposits
  • Saves time and effort and is easier to clean
  • Keeps your shower looking like new for longer
  • Creates a more hygienic environment
  • Does not support the growth of bacteria

When applied to clean and dry glass, it reacts catalytically to create a film that bonds chemically to the surface of the glass and cannot be washed away.

It is chemical bonding that produces “Clearshield” glass.

Once bonded, “Clearshield” provides a non-stick surface treatment fo glass which forms a barrier between the glass and its environment, thus minimizing contamination by dirt and pollutants.