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ClearShield Architecture & Buildings

For architects, building contractors, building owners and facilities managers, Clearshield gives the following benefits:

  • Reduces construction and maintenance costs and delays
  • Keeps glass looking like new and ensures the pristine appearance of building facades
  • Increases satisfaction of tenants and occupiers

During Construction

Building contractors face the problem of concrete splatter, cement dust and slurry and other types of alkaline construction materials damaging and corroding the surface of glass on building sites

Clearshield helps to reduce

  • Remedial work and costly replacement of glass surface damage
  • Costs from unsatisfactory final builders clean or call-backs delaying certification on glazing handover

After construction glass stays cleaner for longer

With Clearshield installed this means

  • Less use of access equipment to maintain the glass
  • Increased effectiveness and reduced frequency of window cleaning

ClearShield Protection

The benefits of ClearShield Low-M (Low-Maintenance) Glass go far beyond its easy-to-clean properties. It protects the glass surface from damage caused by corrosion, weathering and chemical contamination.

For glass already contaminated during or after construction, Ritec’s specialist onsite team can renovate contaminated glass to its original ‘as-new’ appearance and then provide effective protection from future contamination.