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ClearShield & Glass Renovation

Clearshield  “Easy Clean” glass technology retains the “as new”appearance of glass.  Clearshield can be applied  as follows:

  • In the factory to new glass
  • On-site to glass already installed


  • Domestic Interiors e.g. greasy & dirty deposits on glass, moisture vapour on your windows, hard water deposits and body fat deposits on showers.  Over time contaminants can be impossible to remove using conventional cleaning methods and this ruins the appearance of windows and showers.    SWCS Technicians can restore glass, seal and protect with Clearshield.
  • During construction e.g. to avoid splatter from concrete, plaster, mortar, cement dust and other construction materials.   If Clearshield is applied to newly installed windows & doors before construction this will avoid this.
  • To avoid contamination from the environment on domestic & commercial windows e.g. concrete and silicone run-off, traffic fumes, tree sap and bird droppings.  Over time this leads to difficult maintenance, poor visibility, reduced light transmission and a spoiled appearance.  SWCS Technicians can restore glass, seal and protect with Clearshield.


  • Our Technicians remove contamination from glass surfaces when regular cleaning is no longer effective, renovating glass back to its original pristine condition with our special chemicals & polishes.    Immediately after renovation, the glass surface is sealed and protected by Clearshield.

Always easier to clean

Stays cleaner for longer

Resists staining and discolouration.