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The stunning property has a front view of the beach; all the glass can be moved so the living room integrates with beach and the Caribbean Sea. The glass is a fundamental part of the design of the house. However, after several years of exposure to Cancun’s weather it started to become harder to clean and more importantly the time it stayed clean began to shorten. This obviously increased the frequency and costs of cleaning. It go to the stage where it had to be cleaned every day – even on occasion, several times a day in order to have the crystal clear view the owner demanded.

The specialised process of stain removals is part of a unique renovation process, which prepares and allows for the ClearShield protection to be applied. After the ClearShield applicaiton – fantastic results have been achieved.

The cleaning of the ClearShield ‘Non-Stick’ Glass now only takes place a couple of times a week with very little effort involved. These excellent results were in part due to the good maintenance the glass has already received. The glass had never been scratched nor had abrasive materials applied.